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Top 10 Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Updated: May 24, 2022

Looking to level up your Cinco de Mayo fiesta with delicious, healthy, whole food recipes? Check out my favorite recipes from appetizers to dessert for this spring time celebration with your family and friends!

Authentic Chunky Guacamole

Rich and creamy avocado delicately balanced with fresh tangy lime juice, sweet fresh orange juice, and just the right amount of heat from a roasted serrano pepper. This is the best guacamole for your fiestas, Cinco de Mayo, and Taco night!

Authentic Mexican Guacamole Recipe

Traditional Pico de Gallo

Juicy and tangy tomatoes, earthy onions, fragrant cilantro and just the right amount of heat from a fresh jalapeño all bathed in luscious and tart fresh lime your mouth watering yet? Mine sure is from this beautiful dish that will add that burst of flavor and epic freshness you crave!

The Best Pico de Gallo Recipe

Authentic Street Tacos (Tacos la Calle)

Tender, succulent, seasoned beef blanketed in a warm heirloom corn tortilla topped with fresh diced onion, earthy cilantro, and sharp good I promise you will think you are dreaming! This is one of the dishes we fell in love with in San Antonio and I know you will too! These gluten free tacos are super simple to make, are perfect for Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, or your next fiesta, and they are D-E-licious!

Authentic Tacos la Calle Recipe

Roasted Mexican Cauliflower

Tender roasted cauliflower seasoned with aromatic chili and tangy lime will outshine your main course! This simple and delicious dish will have your whole family going in for seconds just like mine! Pair with all your favorites this Cinco de Mayo!

Paleo Mexican Cauliflower Recipe

Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

Cheesy, creamy chicken wrapped in sweet heirloom corn tortillas dancing in a beautiful tangy tomatillo green sauce = pure perfection! This simple gluten free recipe is so quick and easy it's a must have for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

Gluten Free Green Chicken Enchiladas

Easy Authentic Mexican Rice

Zesty, buttery, fluffy Mexican rice made with whole food ingredients and a homemade roasted tomatillo salsa that is better than take out! This recipe literally took me years to perfect and I am so excited to share with you how I make it. This easy side dish pairs perfectly with all your favorite dishes for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

The Best Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican Spinach Dip

This epic spinach and artichoke dip is filled with veggies, creamy cheeses, and Mexican spices that are sure to make your taste buds dance! It pairs perfectly with fresh cut veggie sticks or some sea salted organic corn chips! This easy appetizer is the best way to kick off Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

Cheesy Mexican Spinach Dip Recipe

Bacon Chicken Quesadillas with Chili Lime Crema

If a handheld is what you and your guests are craving this Cinco de Mayo, this dish is it! Soft tortillas stuffed with seasoned chicken, bacon, and creamy cheese paired perfectly with my cool chili lime crema. A tantalizing match made in heaven!

Creamy Chicken Quesadillas Recipe

Easy Mexican Street Corn

Tender roasted corn in a creamy dreamy chili lime sauce dancing with earthy Mexican cotija...yep, this is pretty much side dish perfection or the appetizer your dreams for Cinco de Mayo this year!

The Best Mexican Corn Salad Recipe

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Bursting with tangy tomatillos, tart lime, smoky ancho chili's, and lots of earthy cilantro for an unbeatable flavor and taste that will elevate all your dishes this Cinco de Mayo!

Red Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

Bonus: Blackberry Mousse

What better way to finish out the festivities on Cinco de Mayo than with sweet blackberries, tangy lime, and creamy luscious coconut in a decadent, refreshing, and perfect summer bite! This cool and refreshing dessert is the perfect end to any meal!

Paleo Blackberry Lime Mousse Recipe

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as my family does. - Amy


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