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Paleo Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Cookies

This is a revamped version of a family favorite Christmas cookie we have every year around the holidays! These rich and fudgey chocolate cookies with creamy and cool peppermint icing are so delicious you won't be able to just eat one!! I love this simple Paleo cookie recipe because it is gluten free and dairy free so everyone can enjoy!

chocolate peppermint cookie recipe

This recipe is an adaptation of an original recipe from Tea Time at The Master's recipe book, which I was gifted when my husband and I were first married! Scott's grandmother, our sweet Gaga, lived in Augusta, GA and The Master's has always had a special place in our hearts. I hope you enjoy these Paleo Chocolate Peppermint Cookies as much as my family does!

paleo Christmas cookie recipe

Christmas cookie recipe

Paleo Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Cookies

Chocolate Fudge Cookie:

2 Cage Free Eggs

1 cup Coconut Sugar

1/2 cup Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder

1/2 cup Arrowroot or Tapioca Starch

1/2 cup Almond Flour, packed

1/4 tsp Fine Sea Salt

1/4 tsp Pure Peppermint Extract

1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup Ghee, melted

Peppermint Icing:

2 oz Ghee, softened

2 oz Palm Shortening

1 1/4 cups Paleo Powdered Sugar

3/4 tsp Pure Peppermint Extract

1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

Cold filtered water as needed, 1-2 tsp at a time until a fluffy consistency is reached

Dark Chocolate Topping:

1/2 oz Unsweetened Chocolate

1/2 tsp Ghee

How to make Paleo Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Cookies

Chocolate Fudge Cookie:

Preheat oven to 350

In a large bowl beat eggs and coconut sugar with a whisk until thick and well combined. Add the cocoa powder, almond flour, salt and starch and mix well.

Whisk in the peppermint extract, vanilla, and melted ghee.

Evenly spread the batter into a greased medium bar pan (the one I use is 11 1/2" by 7 3/4").

Bake for 12-15 minutes until the cookie is baked through, remove from oven and cool completely.

how to make paleo cookies

paleo chocolate cookie recipe

Peppermint Icing:

In a medium bowl combine the ghee and palm shortening. Beat with a hand mixer on high speed until well mixed and butter mixture turns a light yellow color.

Add the coconut powdered sugar and extracts and mix on medium-high speed until well combined, the mixture will be crumbly.

Add cool filtered water by the teaspoon, throughly mixing after each addition until the icing reaches a light and fluffy consistency.

Spread the icing over the cooled cookie.

paleo icing recipe

coconut sugar icing recipe

Dark Chocolate Topping:

In a small bowl add the unsweetened chocolate and ghee and heat in the microwave for 30-60 seconds until melted.

Stir to combine and using a basting brush, lightly brush the coating over the icing. Let set before cutting the cookies.

paleo peppermint cookie recipe

Cut cookies into 2" squares and enjoy with a tall glass of almond milk or a steaming cup of fresh coffee!

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