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Almond Milk and Cookies - Our Purpose

Almond Milk and Cookies is dedicated to creating simple, everyday recipes, but with nutrient-dense, whole foods that can accommodate a range of dietary needs. Did you know that six in ten adults have a dietary restriction? However, there are very few recipes that support the majority of us! That is the purpose of Almond Milk and Cookies!

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Almond Milk and Cookies has been featured in MSN,  Yahoo! Eat This, Not That!Martha Stewart, LivestrongNewsbreak, Girls Scouts of the USA's CircleAround, A Complete Guide to Gut Health, Mel Magazine, SheFinds, and other leading media focused on healthy recipes, nutrition and healing. 


About Amy Lippert

Hi, I'm Amy. After struggling with health issues, I could not longer accept that my only answer was more medication. I decided to take charge of my health and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Now I take a holistic approach to nutrition to bring healing and restoration to my body. As a result, I have reduced and/or eliminated many of the chronic symptoms of my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.


My background in science (biology and chemistry degrees), personal experience with auto-immune disorders, love of cooking nutritious meals, and holistic lifestyle practices allows me to help clients make lasting improvements in their health and wellbeing.  In the process, I get to create nutrient dense, whole food based, delicious recipes to share! ​​​

I am a Minneapolis-based certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, graduated from Virginia Tech with a BA in Chemistry and a BS in Biology, and hold a MA in Teaching secondary education. I love to cook, do pilates and HIIT workouts, crochet, and travel with my husband and three wonderful children.


So that is the story behind Almond Milk and Cookies.  Please check out my latest recipes.  If you have any suggestions or any recipes you would like to see, I would love to hear from you!

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